About Us

our philosophy

move better. feel better. look better.

It’s simple. If your body is moving well, you will feel better and if that leads to looking better it’s an added bonus!

We’re all about people, optimal body movement and the positive impact on general wellness. We enjoy and thrive on the opportunity to meet people, learn about them and work together to achieve their goals.

Everyone has specific needs, goals and requirements and we work hard as a team to invest in our clients and ensure that their aims are met. Whether overcoming an injury, rehabilitation after surgery, improving balance and body awareness, increasing flexibility, strength and stamina, or simply looking for a challenging workout.

our mission

To reach as many people as possible and help improve the quality of their daily lives, both physically and mentally, whilst doing something we love and believe in.

We have experienced the benefits of Pilates first hand and want to share this through the provision of a quality, client focused approach that supports individuals on their personal journeys.

our studio offering

We offer Pilates mat ​​​and Reformer / Equipment classes and courses catering to all levels (Beginner, Intermediate/Improver and Advanced) ​in our spacious equipment studio.​

Sometimes, you might want to have a more tailored programme. So, we ​also offer you the option to have individual or small group private lessons too​. ​So do get in touch or ​view our timetable.

our online offering

Starting in 2017, we have made a decision to develop a range of courses for people just like you, online. So, now, even if you can't get to our studio ​in ​Hampshire (UK) you can join in Pilates in the comfort of your own home.

Courses are designed with specific health issues in mind, such as back care, joint pain, head and neck pain and more. All you need is an Internet connection and a way of watching the screen whilst you carry out the exercises.