Ante- and Post Natal Pilates

Ante and post natal Pilates assistance from The Pilates Foundry

Let Pilates support you throughout your pregnancy

There are many benefits to practicing Pilates, especially during and after your pregnancy at a time when your body is going through a lot of change.

Ante natal Pilates

Whilst you're carrying Baby, leverage Pilates to help you reduce the strain on your back and help with back and tummy pain. Strengthening your pelvic floor now will help you provide essential support to your bladder and bowel as Baby grows and will be really helpful once Baby arrives.

During pregnancy, you may find yourself turning to the controlled breathing and your core strength you worked on to help you deliver Baby safely so you both stay healthy.

Mums to be join our Reformer / Equipment sessions at the studio as these are tailored to your needs and can support you and the changes in your body during your pregnancy.

Post natal Pilates

Once Baby is part of your family, you will be glad of a little alone time, in which to focus on you. We help you Mums focus on addressing postural changes that occur during the different phases of your pregnancy and afterwards. Also, we help you maintain fitness levels by regaining your shape and core strength after the birth.


Perhaps you would like to talk to Trish about your pregnancy Pilates requirements and we can find a suitable way to support you throughout and after your pregnancy. We invite you to get in touch today.