How to decrease stress with hypno-relaxation

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Try hypno-relaxation for yourself at The Pilates Foundry, with guest post writer Pia

Hypno-relaxation is quite a new concept which is evolving and associates hypnosis and relaxation. In my sessions, I am adding mindfulness and positive psychology to amplify the results.


We all face chronic stress in our lives

Let's face it, we all face a high level of chronic stress in our daily life. The stress sources can include:

  • Our personal environment with our family​
  • Social environment with friends and work
  • Societal pressures – especially on women – work, physical appearance
  • The international environment with political and environmental issues massively transmitted by numerous media
  • We live a life when most of us are connected all the time to social media.

Stress is good and natural

Chronic stress contributes heavily to illnesses, sleep issues, aggression, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and many more health conditions.  Men, women, adults and children suffer from it alike. The figures are concerning and on the rise.

There is a fact, which explains very simply why hypno-relaxation and mindfulness help appease all the above symptoms: the sympathetic nervous system is activated in stressful situation when the para-sympathetic system takes the lead when you are relaxed.​

In other words, it is not possible to be stressed and relaxed at the same time. Relaxation triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. When you are relaxed, your stress level lowers rapidly.

The power of the pause

As you know, when you're listening to music, the silence in the music enhances the melody. Well, in the same way, our pause moments can help enhance those when we act.

About my sessions

During a session with me, you are guided to a deep relaxation via the state of hypnotic trance I am creating. I am also using mindfulness and positive psychology for you to benefit from strengthening your self-esteem, self-confidence.

From the first session, you will feel positive effects that can last for several hours. With each additional session, as your practice evolves, so the benefits will increase and last for longer.

About me, Pia

I am a French national, I arrived in Guildford in '97. I have been living abroad most of my life in Germany, Tahiti and Brazil.

My work and my personal interests are closely linked: seeing and offering an opportunity to bloom to what is hidden. Discovering and learning. I strongly believe that we, humans, have strong and beautiful potential. I believe our limiting beliefs, I call them our borders, which can be physical, psychological, cultural … stop us from blooming.

I have myself suffered from a rare condition called sarcoidosis diagnosed in 2004, which led me to stop working as the symptoms were too numerous and painful. I chose to change my way of feeding my body and my mind. I started meditating and addressed all my symptoms with emotional freedom techniques (EFT), eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), hypnosis and self-hypnosis. I was able to say goodbye to all my pains and handicaps within months.

I have had several ‘magical’ moments like this in my life so I am convinced that our unconscious mind, our way to treat our mind and body makes a real difference. I am passionate about what I do and keep studying, learning and feeling the world.

Try hypno-relaxation for yourself

I am working with Trish at The Pilates Foundry to bring you taster sessions of my hypno-relaxation classes and we also plan to run regular classes in future. So, to find out more please contact us by email today. 

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