Equipment Pilates

Our equipment pilates studio

About our equipment Pilates studio

We are the only studio in Guildford and the surrounding area that offers you such a large dedicated Pilates equipment studio. We have the widest selection of apparatus pioneered by Joseph Pilates, including the Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Spring Board.

Why try equipment sessions

Studio equipment sessions are tailored to your individual and specific aims and goals. There will never be more than 4 people in the equipment session at any one time, meaning the teacher is available to guide you through your individual programme ensuring you have a safe and yet challenging work out.

Equipment sessions are an ideal compliment to your mat or Reformer classes, and we have many clients who come to us specifically because we offer this unique service.​

Introductory 1-2-1 session

Your programme begins with a 1-2-1 introductory session to establish your objectives and help us understand any injuries or specifics related to your health and wellbeing.

During this private session you will be introduced to the equipment and guided through some basic exercises. After that, we will work with you to determine how often you would like to attend regular timed slots.

Flexible time slots

The equipment studio operates on a time slot basis, rather than a class basis. That means, you work with our team to determine what start time suits you for your regular hour-long session.​

Studio sessions typically start on the hour and half past the hour, though this depends on your availability and that of our teachers. This flexible arrangement is ideal if you have a busy schedule and suits those who need extra flexibility and individual attention. 

Please note your regular time can be swapped or cancelled when life gets in the way but we find it works for clients to have an allocated weekly or twice weekly protected hour as agreed.