Mat Pilates

About our mat Pilates classes

We offer a range of Pilates mat classes to suit your needs and always strive to offer a varied programme of Pilates exercises to ensure you get the most out of each session.

Although our mat room can hold more, we tend to keep class sizes to no more than 10 people, so you will always receive plenty of personal attention and support in each class should you need it. That is what we pride ourselves on at The Pilates Foundry.

Our mat Pilates offering

Whether you are brand new to Pilates or you have been practicing for some time, there is something for everybody on offer here.

We take great care to introduce you to Pilates the right way, and as you progress, the intensity of sessions increases and we encourage our teachers to introduce variety on an a constant basis.

Beginner mat Pilates

Beginner mat classes are recommended for everyone new to Pilates and will provide the foundation needed to progress your practice. This level is also suited to those with long term injuries that are likely to prevent progression to the next level.

Improver mat Pilates

This level is suitable for those who have attended at least one term at beginner level and have a good understanding of the basic principles of Pilates matwork, or similarly those who join us with some previous experience of Pilates.

Intermediate mat Pilates

Great for the body aware, experienced attendee who enjoys the regular challenge and cannot live without the benefits Pilates brings to everyday life.

Restorative mat Pilates

Our aim at The Pilates Foundry is to help you move better and feel better. As we age, so our bodies develop a mind of their own. Our Restorative mat classes are designed to help you improve and maintain your mobility and flexibility. They are always fun.

Small equipment circuit class

Mat Pilates is by no means limited to sitting or lying on a mat. If you fancy a challenge then be sure to come along to our small equipment circuit classes - they have a bit of a reputation for waking you up and getting the pulse racing.