Reformer Pilates

About our Reformer Pilates classes

We offer a range of Reformer Pilates classes to suit your needs and always strive to offer a varied programme of Pilates exercises to ensure you get the most out of each session.

Smaller classes means more support for you

Reformer class sizes are kept to no more than 4 or 5 people, so you will always receive plenty of personal attention and support in each class should you need it.

There is a lot going on during a Reformer session and so constant supervision and support by a teacher is essential for you to walk away knowing you have gotten the most out of your time with us each class.

Our teachers are highly skilled and intuitive. They are on hand to help make sure you are able to carry out the exercise being worked on with just the right amount of support.​

Why try our Reformer Pilates classes 

Invented by the Pilates founder Joseph Pilates, the Reformer is a powerful piece of equipment that stretches and strengthens the body via a series of springs that offer resistance and support.

Our Reformer classes will challenge your cardio, strength and endurance. Under supervision from our expert teachers you will be guided through the exercises with proper technique so that you reach your full potential.

Classes are offered from Level 1 for those who have never worked on a Reformer before to Level 4, for those that are advanced. Whatever the level, we include the jump board into your Reformer class to add a cardio element to your workout. We also offer jump only Reformer classes to give you a good 30 minute burst of cardio too.

Reformer Pilates as part of our equipment sessions

Unique to The Pilates Foundry, why not take what you learn in the Reformer class to a different level by joining one of our equipment Pilates sessions where you get to focus even more on addressing your specific needs with a programme tailored just for you. The Reformer is one of many pieces of Pilates equipment in our dedicated studio.