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Maybe you’re a competitive athlete, or you just want to perform the best you can in your chosen hobby. Either way, Pilates can be of benefit to you. It can help you reach peak performance in your sport.


A lot of people think the best way to get better at any sport is to do it as much as they can, ideally every day, as often and for as long as possible.

To some extent it is true that practice makes perfect, but we believe that spending time training your body through Pilates can improve your sporting performance.

Here’s how Pilates helps athletes like you in a number of popular sports:


Tennis players can gain a greater range of movement and improved power from practicing Pilates, which can also reduce the number of injuries they may sustain from playing.


Pilates provides golfers with the improved posture, flexibility and strength they need to play for longer, with greater power in their swing, and a reduced risk of injury.


Pilates gives cyclists greater stability and as a result better handling of their bike, enabling them to cycle further and faster. It also helps to relieve the tightness and discomfort often caused by cycling regularly, e.g. in the hips and neck, by focusing on good posture.


Pilates is a good exercise for runners as it is not high impact, (their joints get enough of that!) or about building bulky muscles. The focus on core stability and body awareness helps runners improve endurance, balance and even speed.

Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding can be hard to practice out of season or if the weather conditions aren’t right. Pilates helps hobbyists prepare for a return to the slopes by maintaining vital core strength and flexibility.

Horse riding

The greater body awareness created by regular Pilates sessions often helps horse riders achieve greater harmony with their mount. The improved core strength they develop enhances balance and stability in the saddle.

These are just a few popular sports that Pilates complements brilliantly. Want to know how the Pilates Foundry can help you reach and exceed your sporting goals?
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Trish is one half of husband and wife team, Trish & Ryan Soper-Powell. Together they own and run The Pilates Foundry. She is dedicated to helping you Stop Your Body Cheating On You with Pilates and Wellness.