Sports & Remedial Massage

Pilates Foundry Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports massage

Not just for sporting people, sports massage breaks down muscle adhesions and reduces the likelihood of tissue damage. By helping improve your range of motion, sports massage supports your rehabilitation from injury and resolves old aches and pains.

Two types of massage we provide that are specifically for sports people are:

Regular Maintenance Massage, which is designed to help sports people and athletes reach peak performance and decreasing recovery time between training sessions. Massage improves range of motion and flexibility and enables the athlete to train harder and with less risk of injury.

Event Massage takes place either before or after exercise. It warms the muscles, increasing the circulation and helps to reduce the risk of injury. It increases flexibility and helps to improve range of motion.

Afterwards it aids the reduction of muscle spasms, cramps and metabolic build up that occur after intensive exercise and helps to normalise the body’s tissue.

Remedial massage

Deep Tissue Massage

To loosen tight shoulders and stiff necks, a deep tissue massage can really help break down tension in the body and leave you recharged and refreshed.

Myofascial release (MFR)

A light but very effective treatment. Myofasical Release helps realign the body and correct postural problems.

It is is essential for the treatment of pain, excellent for rehabilitation form injuries and helps the structure of the body to realign and rebalance.

Trigger point therapy

A trigger point is found in the muscles or connective tissue at the source of pain.

Often the pain can refer away from the trigger point, and be felt in other areas of the body. Trigger points will cause referred pain in a predictive pattern and successfully treating them greatly reduces pain and irritation.

Cranial Sacral Techniques

Cranial Sacral work is a non-invasive light touch treatment and works with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Resident therapists

Find out about our Sports/Remedial Massage therapist: Danny Tucker